Medical Gas System


Feel Confident in the Medical Gas system you choose! Choose MMHSI

Major Medical Hospital Services offers a comprehensive high quality medical Gas Services Program designed to efficiently and effectively assist your staff in providing a safe and healthy environment for both patients and employees.

  • We will assess the systems you have in place to determine if they meet current NFPA and Governing Bodies Criteria.
  • We evaluate your maintenance programs to determine if they meet current NFPA and Governing Bodies Criteria.
  • We provide assistance in troubleshooting and/or upgrading existing systems and provide emergency repairs upon request.
  • Our annual preventative maintenance programs are customized to meet your specific needs.

Our services include:

  • Outlet Testing and Repairs (Including Emergency Repairs)
  • Outlet Retrofitting and Refurbishing
  • New System Verification/Certifications for New Construction (onsite inspection, testing, and performance verification of new construction renovations and additions)
  • Hospital-Wide Certification
  • In-Line Drawings Utilizing MMHSI/TSIGWorks Software
  • Line Testing and Cleaning
  • Manifold Installation and Repair
  • Medical Air Purity Testing
  • Vacuum/Medical Air Source Equipment Repair and Installation
  • We provide in-service programs covering the correct use of the medical air and vacuum systems as well as ancillary suction equipment. Proper use of these systems will reduce the overall operating expense.
  • We provide you with accurate inventories of suction regulators, flow meters, high-pressure regulators, etc. as well as an annual maintenance agreement, all at reasonable costs to you (Suction Program).
  • Our reporting system, detailing both our finding and recommendations, is accepted by the NFPA and Governing Bodies Criteria.
  • Our comprehensive program helps organize and track your system status, upgrades and also meets the reporting criteria dictated by the industry Standards.