In-Line Drawings

In-Line Drawings

Utilizing MMHSI/TSIGWorks Software helps you manage your medical gas infrastructure through its entire life cycle, from planning and design to operations and maintenance. It uses existing CAD plans created for design/update/renovation or any other purpose as input, implements powerful diagnostic capabilities, which analyze and integrate information as output, into an easy to use database interface.

The physical locations of infrastructure and components are combined with logical information on relationships and decencies. All infrastructure layers and connected elements are instantly retrievable on screen. Each layer can be examined separately.

MMHSI/TSIGWorks Software enables cross system and cross flooring engineering queries that support risk analysis scenarios and maintenance tasks.

For example, one can launch “what if” scenarios in order to simulate the consequences (Downstream or upstream) of a possible intervention or occurrence such as shutting of a valve at a particular location, as well as “first shut-off” which analyzes upstream or downstream. These simulations are useful for operational purposes, crisis management and staff training.

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