Equipment / Preventative Maintenance

Suction / Vac

Suction Regulator Annual Inspection, Cleaning
and Inventorying Services

Why choose MMHSI Inc. as your suction regulator service provider?

Our primary objective is to aid your hospital in inspecting and maintaining your patient care suction equipment at an economical cost. We are committed to accurately determining your current inventory and verifying operational performances so as to meet manufacturer specifications.

Requirements (Why we perform the program)

  • The primary governing bodies for which this service has been tailored are, JCAHO EC and the NFPA
  • Code of NFPA 99 requires the establishment of a program for both the medical-surgical vacuum piping system and the secondary equipment attached to the medical-surgical vacuum station outlets to ensure the continued good performance of the entire medical-surgical vacuum system.
  • JCAHO Elements of Performance EC.02.04.03 EP1.   The hospital documents inspection and maintenance of equipment used for life support that is consistent with maintenance strategies to minimize clinical and physical risk…



Complete service and repair of Flowmeter’s. We check for:

  • Defective Parts
  • Pressure Test for Leaks
  • Test Flows
  • Clean External Parts


Repair Replacement Program

At MMHSI Inc., we believe in providing our customers with the best quality service at the lowest possible price. One way we can do this is through our “Repair Replacement” program.

The Repair Replacement program puts a new Flowmeter or vacuum regulator on your fitting if the price of repairs is greater than the price of a new Regulator or Flowmeter.


Repair / Replacement Program
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