Preventative Maintenance

Major Medical offers complete preventative maintenance programs on a wide verity of medical gas systems components.

Medical Air and Vacuum System

Major Medical can provide custom preventative maintenance programs for all manufactures and brands that meet the specific needs and desires of the facility.  These programs are based on manufacture recommendations designed to ensure continuous operation of your systems.  Repairs can be made on site at the discretion of the end user and availability of parts.  The goal of these programs is to provide patience safety at all cost and ensure the proper operation of the medical gas system.

    • Includes all major manufacture makes and models (NFPA compliant)
    • 24/7 service and emergency hotlines
    • Consultation services for replacement and installation
    • Equipment improvement plans through third parties


Medical gas manifolds preventative maintenance programs includes a complete PM programs to ensure proper function of gauges, displays, bulbs, switchover and general function.  Manifolds are leak tested at pigtails, header bars and main valve. Pressure regulators can be adjusted on site as well as minor repairs.

Medical Gas Station Outlets

In addition to the annual medical gas inspection and certification, Major Medical has developed programs based on the specific needs of hospitals to perform preventative maintenance on medical gas station outlets.  The programs developed address the refurbishing of the rubber goods on medical gas outlets at specifically designed intervals to ensure seamless operation of the medical gas system and to reduce annual repairs.  These refurbishing programs address specific floors, areas of concern or base these programs on a 1, 2, 3 or 4 completion schedules of the entire facility.  Replacing the rubber goods and those in secondary achieve many goals.  They reduce overall repair cost, help with continuous operation, and reduce shutdowns to address the secondary failures, reduce emergency calls and support patient safety.

Surgical Arm and Column Hoses Inspection and Replacement

Preventative maintenance programs to address the inspection and replacement of hosing in surgical arms and columns has been a practice of Major Medical for years.  Now, NFPA 2012 has included a code to re-enforce these practices.

NFPA 99, 2012 ( Booms & articulating assemblies, other than headwalls, utilizing flexible connectors shall be inspected for leaks at a minimum of once every 12 months.

Suction Regulators, Flowmeters and Blender

Major Medical performs preventative maintenance and inventory services based on manufactures recommendations and the NFPA and Life Safety codes on suction regulators, flowmeters and blenders of all major manufactures.

Requirements (Why we perform the program)

  • The primary governing bodies for which this service has been tailored are, JCAHO EC and the NFPA Code of NFPA 99 requires the establishment of a program for both the medical-surgical vacuum piping system and the secondary equipment attached to the medical-surgical vacuum station outlets to ensure the continued good performance of the entire medical-surgical vacuum system.
  • JCAHO Elements of Performance EC.02.04.03 EP1.  The hospital documents inspection and maintenance of equipment used for life support that is consistent with maintenance strategies to minimize clinical and physical risk.